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  • Writer's pictureSari Hodirker

In the mood for - Staying creative during covid-19

It's COVID-19 days. Challenging, confusing and stressful times to say the least. Though it feels we can't change the situation, we can take steps to promote self care, stay creative and even playful both as individuals and as businesses.

In these series of posters I explored my love for lettering, colour and collages. The posters act as a visual diary during the pandemic's isolation days. On an individual level staying creative is great for the mind, it keeps your focus on positive deeds and it sharpens your skills in slower times.

As a business it is also important to look at creative ways to connect with your audience and ensure your brand remains relevant. Communicate with your clients in a thoughtful way, providing any relevant updates and assurances or simply creating feel good content supporting a human connection. After all - we're all in this together.


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